Friday, October 15, 2010

Thunder Great Rock Guitar Picture

Been a while since I updated the Playing Rock Guitar Blog.  Welcome back.

Thunder were an English hard rock band that split up last year.  They did their last UK tour in July 2009.  Marty Moffat the photographer has a beautiful set of prints of the band that he shot on the tour.

Here is one of Luke Morley playing the guitar.  The stage show lights catch the headstock of the guitar and look like the Japanese rising sun.  Really unusual, just the right angle and timing.

Luke Morley of Thunder Courtesy of ThunderOnline

You can see the prints here at the Official Thunder Online Shop Site.  Look for picture no. 18 and of course check out the rest of the set.

If you want to check out some music by Thunder, I would recommend "Robert Johnson's Tombstone".  A lot of good cracking hard rock songs on it.  Most of their albums are excellent but that would be my favourite.

Thunder seemed to be getting better in the 2000's and it was a surprise to me when they announced they were splitting up after so many strong albums in the last few years.  Worth checking out to listen to the guitar riffs.  I think once you hear them you'll be sorry too that they are gone.

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