Friday, October 15, 2010

Thunder Great Rock Guitar Picture

Been a while since I updated the Playing Rock Guitar Blog.  Welcome back.

Thunder were an English hard rock band that split up last year.  They did their last UK tour in July 2009.  Marty Moffat the photographer has a beautiful set of prints of the band that he shot on the tour.

Here is one of Luke Morley playing the guitar.  The stage show lights catch the headstock of the guitar and look like the Japanese rising sun.  Really unusual, just the right angle and timing.

Luke Morley of Thunder Courtesy of ThunderOnline

You can see the prints here at the Official Thunder Online Shop Site.  Look for picture no. 18 and of course check out the rest of the set.

If you want to check out some music by Thunder, I would recommend "Robert Johnson's Tombstone".  A lot of good cracking hard rock songs on it.  Most of their albums are excellent but that would be my favourite.

Thunder seemed to be getting better in the 2000's and it was a surprise to me when they announced they were splitting up after so many strong albums in the last few years.  Worth checking out to listen to the guitar riffs.  I think once you hear them you'll be sorry too that they are gone.

Thanks for reading, till next time,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Playing Rock Guitar Beginner Rythm Lesson

I have published a Playing Rock Guitar Lesson ebook.  It based on lessons from my Squidoo lens.

The book is a tab book.  It teaches you to play a rock rythm riff  in easy steps.

You can read or download the eBook here at scribd.


Monday, May 24, 2010

On Holiday in Poland

Just a quick hello from Poland.  I am away for two weeks holiday.  Weather is not great here.  The volcana ash is causing a lot of rain (and floods in the south of Poland).  Usually it is warm and sunny at this time of year.  For me it is still a break away from home.

Tonight I am just sitting up having a Piwo (beer, pronounced Pivo) in a friends house.  Updates to my guitar blog area and sites will not really happen untill I am back the week after.

I am thinking of doing a Guitar book to give away.  Will be more Heavy Metal than Rock though I think, and will tie up with a few posts on this blog.  I will let you know when it is done.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ronnie James DIO Sad News

Heavy Metal singer Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday (May 16 at 7:45PM) after after his battle with stomach cancer.  He was 67 years old.  He was well known for showing the "Devil's horns".

Dio in action with Tony Iommi.

Dio had been due to tour with Heaven and Hell (with Black Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler) to support Iron Maiden this summer but that had been cancelled due to his health.

In the past Dio sang with Rainbow (with Ritche Blackmore from Deep Purple), Black Sabbath and another recent Sabbath reincarnation Heaven and Hell.  He also had his own band called Dio which contained Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard at one stage.

On a personal note, one of my first albums was Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell which is one of the strongest classic Sabbath albums.  It was one of the first songs I wanted to play on guitar.  Also I saw him play live a few years ago.  It was a fantastic non stop 2 and half hour gig where he played the whole of the Dio Holy Diver album back to back.  He was a great singer and frontman and will be sadly missed but as Slash has said his music will live on forever.

"Sing me a song, you're a singer. 
Do me a wrong you're a bringer of evil."
Ronnie James Dio, 2010, Heaven and Hell.
Rock in Peace.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heaven and Hell Tour Update

Heaven and Hell were meant to tour with Iron Maiden in Europe this summer kicking off in Dublin, Ireland.  Ronnie James Dio, singer, had cancer last year and it looks he is not up to touring this summer.  He unfortunately requires more treatment.  Lets hope he gets better soon.

Rumour is Dream Theater might step in to support Iron Maiden as they are touring with them in the states.  Their new album is great (Black Clouds & Silver Linings) so that won't be too bad.  John Petrucci is a fantastic guitarist so it would be great to actually see him play guitar live.  They are free for some of the dates in July / August but are in Japan for August the 7 and 8th.

Dream Theater Live in 2006.

Dream Theater have played whole Iron Maiden albums live before as part of their set and released them as a bootleg.  They also did a good version of "To Tame a Land" on a recent Maiden tribute album.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steve's Play Rock Guitar at Wordpress

There is a new Blog that has started on Wordpress dot com, Steve's Play Rock Guitar Blog.  There is quite a few articles on it.

The site has information on starting to play rock guitar, exploring what instrument you want to play, which type of music or songs, picking a guitar, amplifier.  A very detailed post on which guitar effects you need starting out.  And has other bits and pieces of interest to any guitarist.

Steve's Play Rock Guitar Blog on Wordpress dot com

If you want you can check it out here,
Steve's Play Rock Guitar Blog.  
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play Rock Guitar at Weebly

There is a new website on weebly dot com with tips on playing rock guitar.
The page Play Rock Guitar at Weebly has quite a bit of content on it.  There is straight forward info on starting to play rock guitar and where exactly to begin.

Play Rock Guitar Tips at Weebly dot com

There is a guitar blog on the page here, Play Rock Guitar Tips which loads of posts on equipment, effects and the smaller more unusual accessory stuff like guitar cases, picks, strings, stands and straps.

So check it out and see what you think.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Iron Maiden Tour 2011

Just a quick note,  Iron Maiden are on tour this year.  They will be touring iwth their new album, The Final Frontier.  They start their European tour in Dublin, Ireland.  They play indoors at the O2, the only indoor gig announced so far for the summer.

Supporting is Heaven and Hell.  Ronnie James Dio with the rest of Black Sabbath members.  Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinnie Appice.  They can't call themselves Sabbath as Ozzy is still a member and not there.  I would think they would be doing a co-headliner slot set, at least an hour or more.  I seen Dio a few years ago and he was incredible.  Great voice, great gig, non-stop for 2 and half hours.

Iron Maiden, Heaven and Hell tour 2010

The gig will sell out quickly with these two big metal bands.  I would think there will be quite a few people coming from the UK.  I have two mates coming over and the Fan club are running a trip.  I have heard of hotels sold out already in Dublin for those dates.

Tickets go on sale from ticketmaster tomorrow, Fri at 09:00.

Get tickets as it is a chance to see three of the finest guitar players in rock.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guitar Heroes at the BBC III

Continuing on with Guitar music programs, this week Guitar Heroes at the BBC III is on BBC Four all this week.  There are six episodes and the first one was on last night. Billed as a Compilation of classic archive performances from the guitar gods of the late 60s and 70s.  There is one episode every night from the 12th April on wards.

There should be some good stuff on it for Guitar Players to watch.  Some of the artists and songs are below.

Status Quo Guitar Heroes at the BBC

Status Quo appear playing Pictures of Matchstick Men on Top Of The Pops in 1968
The Who perform Long Live Rock in the Old Grey Whistle Test studio
Dire Straits play Tunnel Of Love
Lynyrd Skynyrd bring a taste of the south with Sweet Home Alabama.
The show also features rare performances from George Benson, Leo Kottke, Link Wray and Tom Petty.

I saw Episode 1.  Thin Lizzy with Phil Lynott, Brian Robertson, Scot Gorham playing The Boy are Back in Town last night. Piece of trivia, the song is about The Quality Street gang. They were group of criminals operating in Manchester in the 1960s and 1970s.
I also was watching a few guitarists I had never seen before so that was interesting to see.

The programs are not on the BBC iPlayer, probably due to copyright reasons so you need to record them or catch them live.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Live Heavy Metal Britannia at the BBC

This is a review of the live archive footage show Heavy Metal Britannia at the BBC.  The BBC have had all the big UK bands play on some program or the other both before and after they were famous.  This show was about half an hour long.

First on was Deep Purple playing Black Night on the UK chart single show, Top of the Pops, from October 1970.  Ian Gillian was behind the drum kit singing and Ritchie Blackmore was in the front playing guitar with his signature Bard hat.

Next on was Judas Priest playing their first single Rocka Rolla in April 1975.  They were playing on the Old Grey Whistle Test, a very serious music program from the seventies.  Rob Halford had long hair and they were dressed in a glam pop style with platforms.  You would believe they would become leather clad metal gods in the future.  The song Rocka Rolla did have glimmers of what was to come, you could hear what might influenced bands like Def Leppard.

The welsh band Budgie were next up on the Old Grey Whistle Test from June 1975 playing Who Do You Want for Love.  I had never heard them really before.  They are not exactly metal but had a good rock sound with a good groove.  Metallica covered two of their songs, Breadfan and Crash Course in Brain Surgery.  Iron Maiden covered I Can't See My Feelings.

Uriah Heep played Wise Man from April 1977 on Top Of The Pops.  It was a slow song with a story for lyrics (felt like a country and western song).  Uriah Heep are renowed as the first western rock band to play Russia.

Motorhead, Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Phil, 1978.

Motorhead were on with Louie Louie from September 1978.  There was Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Phil.  A good performance.  They were at number 75 in the charts on 16 September 1978 and then went up to number 68.

A modern Black Sabbath were on next with Paranoid.  No year given.  It looked to be an actuall concert so it may have been Top of the Pops.  The original lineup were there, Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler.  They did film live bands for TOTPs, like Maiden and inserted them into the show in the 90's.  Footage was fuzzy at thimes, becuase of the lighing.

Iron Maiden came on then with their first single Running Free in February 1980 on Top of the Pops.  They insisted they play live on the show as artists usually mimed to their song normally.  They were one of the first band to play live on the show.  The band was Pail Di Anno, Denis Stratton, Clive Bur, Dave Murray and Steve Harris.  The studio turned the sound down on them and they didn't play the show again for years.

Next up was Saxon with Wheels of Steel in April 1980.  Looked to be in a studio with no audience so not sure what the show was.  Of note, Biff Byford had dark hair back then.  The drums, Pete Gills were out in front, bassist Steve Dawson to the left, Graham Oliver to the right, Paul Quin guitarist and Biff to the back.

Second last on the show were Gillan with Trouble from October 1980.  May have been Top of The Pops as the album hit the charts.  This was Ian Gillan solo band.  The song was old style rock n roll but with heavy guitars.  Was a pretty good performance.

To close the show were Diamond Head playing To Heaven From Hell in October 1982 with Sean Harris (vocals) and Brian Tatler (Guitar).  Not sure what the show was either, looked to be a studo again with no people but with a large stage and loads of Marshall amps.  A very good metal performance from NWOBHM era.  Again Metallica covered Diamond Head's Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg (Lars was a huge fan of theirs).

I enjoyed the half hour show, with all the great music it felt longer (in a good way).  There are a lot of the clips available on Youtube if you do a search for the band and the date so you could see a lot of it yourself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guitar Blog Updates

Here is my guitar blog update.  I have been busy getting some internet guitar site stuff ready which I will tell you about in this post.

I am getting about four rock guitar video lessons ready for posting the next few weeks.  They will be aimed at the beginner guitarist.  I also will have two guitar books with lessons and tabs to acompany the videos.  I will have them all posted on this blog.

Also I have been working on two guitar minisites.  I will give you the web links as soon as they are up and running so you can pay them a visit.

So check back regularly to get the lesson videos and books here.  As I will let you know here when they are finished.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Heavy Metal Britannia

A few weeks ago BBC Four had a heavy metal weekend with the Program Heavy Metal Britannia.  I watched and really enjoyed it.  Here is what the program is about.

It was a very interesting program especially of you like metal or rock guitar.  It went into the history of British Metal.

The first section was on the beginnings of metal.  First sounds of metal from blues rock artists.  Songs like The Kinks, You Really Got Me (which Van Halen and others have since covered).  The guitarist of the Kinks, Dave Davies (his real name) said he put a screwdriver through the paper cone of his guitar map to get the distorted sound.  It went on to Jimi Hendrix and Vanilla Fudge, Caravan and heavy blues rock artists like the Yardbirds.

Next was a section on the first metal bands.  They chatted to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and a welsh band called Budgie.  They came from a dank dark industrial British landscape of coalmines and British Steel. They had a choice of working in a factory, mine or doing music.  There is some good footage of this life gone by.

Not mentioned was that Black Sabbath's guitarist Toni Iommi had an accident in a steel mill press where he lost the tip of his finger.  This was the day before he was leaving the job to become a professional musician. He was inspired to play again by listening to jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who also had a left hand injury but continued playing guitar. 

The older band members chatted about how they got their sound and pioneering the whole metal movement.  It was interesting to hear Jon Lord of Deep Purple say it took three albums and several years before they settled on a sound and identity.  They all lived in industrial areas and the industrial sounds influenced and leeched into their music.   Note: None of them claim to be Heavy Metal, they all say they are Heavy Rock, Hard Rock or Heavy Blues.  Notably Led Zeppelin was missing from the program.

They toured in vans going to Working Men's clubs.  KK Downing of Judas Priest describes how one time they got paid one time, not to play they were so loud and heavy.  No one knew what this type of music was then.

The Punk era came along and this saw the rise of Motorhead (who toured with The Damned).  The Metal bands survived but as Biff Byford of Saxon said, they liked and picked up on the energy of Punk.  The New wave of British Heavy Metal came at the end of seventies.  These band members grew up in a different era, one of strikes, 3 day weeks and winters of discontent.  The days of coal mining and steel works were disappearing.

The kids also had their own club.  The Heavy Metal Soundhouse at the Bandwagon run by Neal Kay.  Neal was on the program chatting, he mentioned Rob Loonhouse inventor of the Air Guitar.  Rob came in one weekend with a replica of a guitar.  Someone asked Rob why it had no frets.  Rob replied that it didn't need them as it had no strings.

This section, The Beast looked at Saxon who came first.  They were first ones who had chart hits.  Biff says when they played Top of the Pops (the British BBC chart show) other artists had champagne, a green room and red carpets.  They pulled up to the back door in a taxi.

The also had Iron Maiden, probably the most successful band of NWOBHM.  Charting their career from the start up to their number 1 album, The Number of the Beast.  They chatted to Bruce who described the first time he saw them with Paul Di Anno singing and how he thought he could do so much with that band.

On the other side they chatted to the Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler.  They influenced Metallica.  Lars Ulrich followed them on tour and slept on their couch.  Diamond Head wondered why they weren't getting signed.  When they did they missed the boat.

Of course in the program there were loads of musical clips of each band to accompany the program and chart the history of the rise of British Metal.  If you get a chance to watch the program please do.  Certainly Heavy Metal Britannia was an educational program in a good way.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock Guitar lesson Website

I have a website called Playing Rock Guitar Lessons which I have been working on now for a few months. 
Click on the link below, if you want to check it out or you can read on for mor info. www. Playing Rock Guitar .com

I have added a lot of good material to it.  I have also began promoting the site and it getting quite a few visitor  and feedback now.

It has lots of info and tips on getting started on playing Guitar.  Picking the right guitar, pedals and amp.  How to approach learning rock guitar.

Advice on getting the right sound for Rythm, lead and a clean rock guitar sound.  Guitar Tabs and Videos and more.  It also has advice on progressing your guitar playing.  Something useful for everyone from beginners up.

Click the link below if you want to visit the site,
www. Playing Rock Guitar .com

Hope you enjoy it.  Please drop back and let me know what you think or leave a comment on the site.  I will be happy to hear from you.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Britannia again

Following the Heavy Metal and Blues weekend, this time it is turn of Prog Rock.
BBC Four has this on tonight.
Prog Rock Britannia: An Observation in Three Movements
It features Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson and Jethro Tull to the trials and tribulations of lesser-known bands such as Caravan and Egg.  The three movements are the birth, the rise and the decline of prog rock.
There were some great guitar players so well worth checking it out.

There is also two more shows for the weekend.  A live archive show, Prog Rock at the BBC and an hour long interview with Phil Collins about Genesis.

On Sunday night there is Synth Britannia, charting the rise of post punk new romantics like Gary Numan up to New Order and the Pet Shop Boys.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blues Weekend declared in Britain

Following the Heavy Metal Guitar weekend last week, this weekend it is the Blues guitar on BBC Four on the UK.

The Blues guitar weekend kicks off with a program,
- Blues Britannia: Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?
It has three sections.  The fifties with the arrival of the blues with the likes of Muddy Waters.  The sixties and the birth of British blues with The Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds.  The end of the sixties where Eric Clapton and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac emerged.

Peter Green - Fleetwood Mac

Then there is Blues at the BBC which is archive live fooatge.
Featuring The Kinks, the unmistakable electric sound of BB King and Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker, as well as less-familiar material from the likes of Delaney and Bonnie, Freddie King and Long John Baldry.

Again worth setting you video, TIVO or DVD recorder.  The programs are repeated all weekend and on BBC iPlayer for a month afterwards.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing Rock Guitar at

I recently put up a hubpage for playing rock guitar on

I have on it tips and advice on the first steps you should take when taking up rock guitar.

I also have an exclusive beginner rock guitar lesson tab.  The tab riff is played two different ways.
One way is for the total beginner to get them started with plucking and fretting notes and to pick up the ryhthm.
The other way the riff is shown is the way the riff should be played once you master the total beginner riff.

I then have the next steps as you learn to play rock guitar and some usefull guitar resources.
Click the link below to visit the hubpage and you can leave a comment if you want.
Playing Rock Guitar Hubpage


Friday, March 5, 2010

Heavy Metal Weekend declared in Britain

The British have declared this weekend a Heavy Metal weekend.  It is not often the stiff British Broadcasting Corporation supports Heavy Metal, but when they do, they get into it 100% and they do it in style.  Years ago they had a Heavy Metal Christmas (called Heavy Metal Heaven) with Slayer and Metallica now it is the turn of the UK bands that influenced them.

BBC Four (a British digital TV station) are having loads of British Heavy Metal programs this week.  It kicked off last night (Thurs) with Iron Maiden's latest movie Flight 666.  This was the documentary that they shot last year as they flew around the world in a Jet flown by lead singer Bruce Dickinson.  It continues tonight with 60 minutes of concert footage from the Somewhere Back in Time Tour with three of the best metal guitarists and the best bassist live.

The flagship program has got be Heavy Metal Britannia. This traces the origins of British Heavy Metal from the Industrial cities and Working Men's clubs with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.  Through the 70's with Judas Priest up to the 80's and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) with the likes of Iron Maiden.  You will find that the British side of metal is a lot darker and less glossy than the American stories.  They British rockers are very proud of their Metal bands and support them strongly (but quietly) by going to all the concerts they can.

There is also another program, Heavy Metal Britannia at the BBC.  This is BBC live archive footage of bands like, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.  The BBC have had all the big bands play for them at some stage and there will be some rare and great footage shown.

Black Sabbath in the 1970's

It finishes off with two episodes of Rock Family Trees.  Friday night is Black Sabbath and Sunday night is Deep Purple.  These two bands influenced everyone from Miden to Metallica and Korn.  Especially Tony Iommi's guitar playing which inspired legions to learn to play rock guitar.  The two bands have had members float between them like David Coverdale, DIO, Ian Gillian, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Ozzy and so on.  Sure to be informative and good rock music to watch.

The bulk of the programs are on Friday night the 5th March and are repeated over the weekend.  All are shown again on Sunday the 7th.

Click the link below to find out more from the BBC Four website.
BBC Four Heavy Metal Britannia

If you miss that see if you can see them on the BBC iPlayer, it keeps all programs shown for a month or so.  You can find it also on the BBC website above.

Hope you get checking it and enjoy it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Guitar Ebook

This is another guitar ebook I have on

This one is an introduction to my Rock Guitar website. It introduced the site and gives its plans for the future. Again it is free to read and free to register and download the Guitar PDF ebook.

Click on the link below:
Scribd Introduction

I will post a guitar tab ebook next (as soon as I get it put together), so keep and eye out.

Thanks as always,

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Official Playing Rock Guitar Press Release

I have published a press release for my Playing Rock Guitar website. It to officially announce its launch, give its history and aims. It even has a few quotes from me. :-)

It was published on and I think it turned out really well with the guitar pictures and videos embedded as well.

Here is the link below if you to check it out.
Click to see Struggling with Playing Rock Guitar, the Solution is here..

Hope you enjoyed it.

As always,
Thanks for reading,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steve's Rock Guitar Ebooks

I have been putting some promotional Guitar EBooks up on On Scrib you view ebooks and read them. There is a fullscreen button to get a better view for reading. Or you can register for free to download the books.

Here is the link to my ebook:
First one is on the Iron Maiden Guitar charity auction. Click on the link below.
Most Expensive Guitar story.
It is the book for the video and update posted below.

Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden with the Guitar

I will post more ebooks on the blog in the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy and check out anyway.
See ya,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Squidoo for Playing Rock Guitar

I have made a Guitar Squidoo Lens recently for playing rock.
If you want to check it out, you can go here:
Click here to visit my new Lens:

Anyone can make a lens (providing they put good content on it).  I made mine more personal than a website and less formal.
There is a chat on why started to play rock guitar and some tips on how to progress, some guitar videos, my guitar site RSS Feed and I also have an exclusive rock Tab riff on it for you.
So please feel free to drop by have a look and maybe leave a comment.

Squidoo Playing Rock Guitar


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iron Maiden Expensive Guitar

I had a story on an Iron Maiden charity auction.  The Guitar was a Les Paul Black beauty with Gold hardware signed by all of Iron Maiden. 
It was for Childline (
and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy (

Watch the video of the story below.

Update on the video.  The guitar cost $1,300 new.  Initially the the Guitar was at £56K and the a week later it went to £120K.  The very next the bid was down to £16,000.  The other bids were fake.

The guitar finally sold at under £17,000.  It was then announced that this bid was also fake and the guitar was not sold at all.  The guitar was reauctioned from Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th February.  They stated that bidding on it was a contract to buy.
It finally went for £2,525.00 to trooper799 .  Or US$3,900 or 2,900 euro.  Hell of comedown from the expected price.

A Flight 666 platinum disc and a band-signed Flight 666 poster also raised over £2700 for Childline and Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy.  These auctions went without a hitch.

Rod Smallwood also contributed to the charities by doing a sponsored cycle of Egpyt and raised money on
He raised a massive £77,300 and you can still give money there now.
Everything went well except for the guitar.

Monday, February 15, 2010

RSS Feed for Playing Rock Guitar at Blogspot

You can subscribe to this blog or the comments by clicking the RSS icons on the top left corner.
I have setup an RSS Feed subscription so that I could register with

You may noticed the strange post before this, part of the registration process.
Remember you can also bookmark and visit back for any update. Feel free to EMail me if you need to.
I have been writing some guitar tabs so look out for some updates in the future.

Till then,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back today

Back today from my trip.  I was in Poland in Europe for a few days.  Fairly quiet, was visiting family.   Didn't get a chance to play any guitar music for a few days so missed that. 

Also haven't wrote any new material while I was there but I did  read a few books and jotted down some ideas.  So watch out, I'll posting some stuff tomorrow and in the next few days.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More about this Guitar blog

I would like to tell you a little more about and why I have created this blog and what I hope to achieve.

About me, I love rock music and it is a such huge section of my life and my identity.  I also play guitar.  I began playing rock guitar music because I wanted to study and understand the music I listened to.  I also understand that it can be very difficult to learn to play rock guitar.  It was a struggle when I started playing myself.

I do have a guitar website and have written and posted other guitar content for other sites around the net.  I hope this is the site that will bond and glue it all together.  I intend using this site to keep you up to date on my guitar activies and other guitar news.  So I hope you will follow me on that journey. 

I am abroad till next week so my next update will be on Sunday or so.

Thanks, till next time,

Playing Rock Guitar Blogspot Introduction

wellcome to my blog on playing rock guitar.  This is where I hope to gather my and other peoples resources on rock guitar from the net.  If you want to learn to play rock guitar there should be some posts and information of use to you.

So please bookmark the site and remember to check back here in the future for updates. 
Or you can email me at