Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heaven and Hell Tour Update

Heaven and Hell were meant to tour with Iron Maiden in Europe this summer kicking off in Dublin, Ireland.  Ronnie James Dio, singer, had cancer last year and it looks he is not up to touring this summer.  He unfortunately requires more treatment.  Lets hope he gets better soon.

Rumour is Dream Theater might step in to support Iron Maiden as they are touring with them in the states.  Their new album is great (Black Clouds & Silver Linings) so that won't be too bad.  John Petrucci is a fantastic guitarist so it would be great to actually see him play guitar live.  They are free for some of the dates in July / August but are in Japan for August the 7 and 8th.

Dream Theater Live in 2006.

Dream Theater have played whole Iron Maiden albums live before as part of their set and released them as a bootleg.  They also did a good version of "To Tame a Land" on a recent Maiden tribute album.

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